Lots of eggs with blood in them


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Apr 2, 2020
Hi Everyone,

So recently I have had issues with lots of eggs that have some blood in them. It is usually a ring around the yoke. The egg white is still white but there is blood in parts of it. Usually, I don't worry about it since it's common for this to occur every now and then but recently I am getting this a lot. I have 11 chickens and while making breakfast today I only had 1 egg out of every 3 that didn't have blood in it. I am having issues with 4 of the chickens being broody and not letting the others come in and lay eggs, would this cause it? It has also been over 100 here as well. Do you think these two factors are the cause or is there something else I should be concerned with?
Thanks everyone.
Are these young layers and larger eggs? It could be the temperatures, I'm not sure. It could be the Hrns are having problems since they have to cross their legs from the broody. You might want to seperate her to her own area that way she's not holding up the boxes.
They are adult layers and not young. I am thinking it has to do with the number of broody chickens and temperature but just wanted to double check.
This has been going on for several weeks now so I don't think its from them getting scared. The chickens are acting fine and don't look ill. I am throwing away more eggs that I use now. Really not sure what to do.
Large breed hens jumping down from a high roost can cause blood spots in eggs. This is from physical damage as they hit the ground. Other than that, blood spots are usually a genetics issue. I've seen problems with Black Australorps as an example and have read of Jersey Giants as another. For highest quality eggs, pick a breed that tends to produce large high quality eggs. Ameraucanas and Leghorns generally produce highly desirable eggs.

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