Lots of nits, no lice..??


13 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Saint Paul, MN
Hey all,

So there's this gross white stuff stuck on my pullet's feathers under her chin. Like CEMENTED on! I thought that she'd gotten some mash pasted on somehow, then noticed that the white stuff was actually composed of what looked like thousands of tiny, regularly-shaped, oblong thingies. I found a pic of it on a university site - LICE EGGS!! But... I can't find any actual lice on her! I've looked and looked, but can't see any.

She also seems very healthy otherwise. I used to be a wildlife rehabilitator and the only birds I'd find lice on were really, really sick (they'd swarm onto my hand. ugh! luckily, they don't live long on mammals).

Is there anything else it could be? She's one of three 8 week-olds which I bought about a month ago, and they're still living in the house until they're big enough to defend themselves against my older flock. The other two don't seem to have any nits on them, even though they have beards which I would think would be a more desirable lice-nursery than the throat of my clean-faced marans.

I looked around on here and found lots of info on delousing, but don't really like the idea of bathing them in insecticide unless it's absolutely lice. Anyone know of a weird skin condition that might mimic a nit cluster?

Ugh. It's just so gross! I got the shivers about a dozen times while writing this post

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