Lots of pips, no hatching


8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
Day #21, I've had 5/9 eggs pip today, but no zipping or hatching. I kept humidity low on this set of eggs during incubation, trying out dry incubation. Have kept humidity around 20-30% for days 1-19. For lockdown, have kept humidity around 65%. These eggs have been pipped since this morning. Have not opened lid. My last hatch, the first one to pip was shrink wrapped by the next morning (although still alive, I helped it, and now it's a good looking little chick).

Just wondering if I should be worried about this. I know it can take a while to pip, zip and hatch.
I`ve got one hatching it has been trying since 9am this morning,I uped my humidity to 75% by putting in wet warm sponges.Hpe the little guy hatches soon.
It had been 24 hrs so I helped it by chiping away some of the shell and it was shrink wraped,I don`t like doing that but it would not have been able to hatch it I had not.
From my limited experience I have found that the lower the humidity at hatch, the harder the chicks have getting out of the shell. Try taking the humidity up a bit more at the end. I use a turn-x incubator and nearly fill the whole bottom with water on hatch day.
Five of nine hatched. Three of the others never pipped but they looked like term chicks. One was breech. Why might term chicks not pip? I did not do a thorough eggtopsy. I should have but I was a little too exhausted. I kept day 1-18 humidity around 20-30%, lockdown humidity starting at 65%.

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