Lots of questions about Genetics Please Help!!!

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Hello, After watching my chickens this winter I have decided that I want to experiment with creating my own kind of chicken. I want a Large chicken that has a rose or pea comb, feathered feet, a muff and beard and possibly a small creast. I am going for things that seem to help them stay warm and avoid frostbite.

    Who will help me?
    These are my questions???
    Beard and Muff- Are these dominate or recessive? In other words if I breed my EE girls or my Salmon Faverolle girls to a none bearded none muffed rooster what percentage of off spring would have beards and muffs?

    Same question only for feathered feet.

    And again only about crests,
    Also are any of these linked to sex? For example if the hen had a crest and the rooster didn't would only the cockrels have crests?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions I have been thinking about who to breed with who and decided to come the experts.
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    Aug 30, 2007
    I believe all three are dominant (feathered feet, crests and beards). I've found that feathered feet make frostbite worse though, as the feathers tend to be wet in bad weather. None of those characteristics are sex linked.
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    All those traits are dominant.

    Do you mean feathered legs, or vulture hocks? Feathered legs is dominant, vulture hocks are completely recessive.

    The extent of the crest and leg feathering depends on several factors, but your mutts will have a crest and they will be feather-legged.

    If you're starting with a single combed breed, don't cross a pea comb. While pea is dominant, single x pea just gives the single comb extra rows, but it's still large, so it'd defeat the purpose. Stick with a rose.
  4. bossynbella

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Well what I have right now is

    Roosters- 1 of each
    Light Brahma
    Silver Laced Cochin

    Dark Brahma- 1
    Salmon Faverolle -3
    Black Cochin -2
    Splash Cochin -1
    Silver Laced Cochin - 1
    EE-RIR x-1
    EE-BR x -1
    Crevecour -2

    So I think I need to cross my EE's with my Light brahma to get FF, with a muff and beard. What kind of comb will these have if you cross a rose with a pea comb?

    The Faverolles have both FF and muffs already but they are not the size I am looking for and they have single combs.

    I am wanting to set up pens with 4-6 hens per rooster this spring. I do have other hens but they do not have the muff, beard, or FF.

    I thought once I get some nice looking FF, M and B I could cross them back to my RIR because his offspring seems to lay very well.
    The resulting offspring I would keep only FF, M and B and continue till I get the result I am going for which is
    A 8-10lb hen with Feathered feet, Muff, Beard, and small crest over a rose or pea comb that lays well through the year ( 3 or more eggs a week, apx. 144 eggs a year is what I need per hen.

    What would be the best way to start? or should I just experiment? I love the mixes they are so interesting!

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