lots of talk about hens crowing

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    It is evident many folks are observing hens crow. I now think many of my hens do so as well and it may serve some purpose. The utterances I have been hearing are not proper crows of a rooster but rather greatly shortened and slightly higher pitch versions performed with wing flapping. Hens doing are either off incubation duty foraging or have chicks following them about. At first I thought it was a form of stretching but it is too loud. I am beginning to think it is a method of contacting balance of flock hen normally associates with indicating her presence and location. Such behavior may help preserve a hens rank within the flock so that when she returns fighting over rank not needed.

    My American games and red jungle fowl hens all do this. I will have a dominique hen brood some chicks to see if she does same.
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    Sep 27, 2010
    interesting...could be....my "pullet" has turned out to be a roo...all 3 have a choking sore throat sound to the crow right now. My 9 roos I had last year, all had wonderful crows, as I would crow back they would stop in their tracks! But I like your idea....we all know it's true, its a chickens way to confuse us poor humans a bit more!

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