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Aug 2, 2020
Hi all.
We have 5 chickens, 5 diff breeds. Brahama, Barred Plymouth, Americana, Red Sex Link, and a Buff Orp. They’re all about 8 months. Three of the five are laying, two are still not.

My question is about the buff. She is SO loud. She seems so grumpy. She makes noise for seemingly no reason, but it’s so excessive that there MUST be a reason. Their water is full (2 stations), food is full, scratching block of seed to play with, bell toy to play with. We live in Utah so they’re dealing with cold right now, but they have been since fall came and turned into winter. We chose the breeds we did because our research told us they they’d do great in cold climates and that they’re docile and fairly quiet. We live in a normal neighbhood. Not on a farm. I can hear her from inside my house, so clearly my neighbors can too.
Any insight from you would be so helpful. We’re starting to feel like we need to find a new home for her because she’s that loud and obnoxious.
Side note, it’s unclear if she is laying or not. If she is, she just started yesterday.


Sep 16, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
Some chickens are just loud. We have a Delaware that sounds like she is yelling constantly😂. I can hear her from inside. All day. She just makes a ton of noise doing everything. She is two and a half and has always been super noisy. A few of our girls will yell for a couple hours before laying, long drawn out, loud yelling. If you want you can take a video and put it on YouTube and post the link here and you can get some opinions based off of it, that way if it's normal, but loud talking, at least you would have some input. I feel for you thinking something must be wrong though, and maybe something is, it's hard to know without hearing it. I spent the greater part of a year thinking something was up with BB-8 and it turned out she was just a very vocal chicken and she had a lot of very loud things to say to everyone 😂.

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