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5 Years
Sep 18, 2014
I had a monogamous pair of Chinese quail and when the girl died the boy was unbearable and he wouldn't stop crowing so I decided to pick up another girl as soon as possible. I went to a local breeder and picked up one who the breeder said was female but only 6 weeks old.

Until recently they seemed to have very little interaction, but recently they have been flying up at nigh and chasing eachother around, although at other times they will cuddle up together.

Recently both seem to be calling out alot (in the croaky was then in the PEEEWW way if that makes any sense)

I need advice on if people think they must both be males, if people know how to stop the noise and how I am best to proceed as I can't be getting another cage as I am in rented accommodation and space limited. I have tried to make sure there is lots of hiding space incase of fighting but they don't seem to use it. They can get into the box, on top of the box and around the sides of the box.

Any advice?

( I have attatched pictures of the birds in their enclosure. )
Edit: I'm not sure if the hypothetical girl is calling in a "PEEW " way too or if he/she is just calling in the more cockle doodle doo way, which my old girl used to do before she laid.
Is the white one the new bird? It is really hard to tell from your photo but the darker one looks like a male and the white ones are really hard to judge. Guess the best would be for you to hold them and take a photo of the face, breast and vent areas so we can help you with sexes.
I would check the vent for foam after they have been calling a bit. Just be sure that they have not mated as then both might have foam. eeew. lol You could try covering them to keep out all the light at night. You should put holes in the sides of that tub to let the air flow better, they need lots of air. Ammonia from poo can add up quickly. If the white one is the one you just got I would check with the breeder and see if he has another bird that you are sure is a female. good luck.
Yes the white one is the new one.

I'd rather avoid going back to the breeder since I have moved away since getting the bird.
will add photos later :)

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