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  1. My chicken Feathers is a hen, though she really enjoys annoying the crap out of my brother and I by pecking our legs nonstop. Today, Feathers cannot stop screaming and jumping onto things, and I don't want the neighbors upset. What should I do to calm her down?
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    What type of hen is she? Some breeds are more cantankerous than others. Does she have access to food and water 24/7?
  3. She's either a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire Red. Yes, she always gets food and water just like everyone else, they run anywhere in our yard freely even sometimes out, they have as much space as they want, and we let them out everyday 10:00 AM and take them in or sometimes they go in alone when it is dark, I am sure they have all they want. During the winer, they usually get 7 hours to play because it gets dark at 5:00 PM and they get more time to play during spring and summer. [​IMG]
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