Love is Blind :( Canary advice needed *cute pic*


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Jul 17, 2011
I bought my canary Henry. Then I couldn't bear the thought that all his beautiful singing would never randomly entice a lady went back to the shop and bought Junebug. June bug is pretty and Henry is smitten. A few months later I noticed one of Junebug's eyes seemed to have a white cloud over the cornea. Poor Junebug was going blind in one eye. THEN a few months after that I noticed that she was having great difficulty building her nest and that she didn't fly around and mainly 'climbed' everywhere so I had a closer look. Her OTHER eye is now cloudy and my poor birdy girl is blind. She seems happy enough, has a bath in her bath every morning, tries in vain to build her nest (rips up the lining and puts it in the water bowl instead). She has actually managed to lay a couple of clutches of eggs and sat on them diligently for weeks but they never hatch. In fact when I've candled them they don't have anything in them at all.

Has whatever caused her to go blind made her infertile? Or is her poor nest building skills meant they can't stay warm enough. Sometimes she thinks the seed dish is her nest. Or is Henry not quite as in love as he used to be because of her disability and shunning her?

I love her so much and her refusal to acknowledge her disability is inspiring. Is it cruel to keep a blind bird? I figure I have this bird for better or worse and I'll try to keep her as comfortable as possible and lavish her wish treats....or....should....I....let.....argh.....the vet put her out of her discomfort?

Is it cruel to Henry that he can't fulfil his desire to procreate?

I'm so confused. Is there anything I can do for her? For them?

Please give me your kind opinions.

Junebug is yellow, Henry is orange.

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It's possible the two conditions are related, but in any case, why would you want to breed from a hen that went blind? I would suggest keeping her happy as long as she can be kept happy, but don't add the pressure of breeding. It's not necessary, and if we let every pet breed, we'd be even more overpopulated.

If she can get around the cage OK for food and water, and doesn't seem to sulk, I'd just keep her as a pet. If the vet can't find something to dissolve whatever is clouding her eyes, just keep her comfortable. If you think she's beginning to sulk, or doesn't "enjoy life", then if she were mine, I'd have her put down.

BTW, has the vet figured out why she is losing her eyesight?
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X's 2 about breeding a bird that possibly has a genetic defect. If she had chicks to care for she'd be even more stressed out. If the two birds are happy together then just let them be D-I-N-Ks together (double in-love no kids! in their case).
X's 2 about breeding a bird that possibly has a genetic defect. If she had chicks to care for she'd be even more stressed out. If the two birds are happy together then just let them be D-I-N-Ks together (double in-love no kids! in their case).

Sorry for the delay in replying. I got Henry from a private Canary breeder and Junebug unfortunately came from a pet shop (i know, i know). The vet told me that she may have had an infection in her earlier life which has resulted in her eyes failing. Actually I've got a feeling that whatever infection it was (possibly birdie chlamydia) has made her infertile because not one of her eggs have ever developed anything...either that or Henry doesn't feel 'that way' about her
The reason I've allowed her (and given her a nest) to continue try is because she seems to love the whole nest building/egg laying and sitting so much. If she didn't show any interest I wouldn't 'go with it', it's just her instinct to breed is so strong that I didn't want to be the one to say no if it's what she really wants to do.

I think my plan is to make sure she's happy, jumping around her cage, eating her heathy daily treats with gusto and taking her daily bathtime. When she acts miserable I'll revisit my worst fear then. I think I love her more for her determination just to get on with her life. I can't have babies either so we can support each other.
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as long as shes moving about, seems happy, is eating and drinking wiht no problems i wouldnt be too worried about her...she may not have lost all vision...
and as long as they are not fighting i wouldnt be too worried about him either...i highly doubt birds would stock being bonded simply because shes infertile...
though he may continue to have fun trying, it may be that hes infertile if shes laying normally...just something to think about.
has he been dna sexed?! ive known many females to be good singers, and often times doimant females will try to mate other birds and never lay themselves...

im seeing no feather loss in the picture and it sounds like their both eating no problem so not showing signs of stress..i wouldnt worry too much.

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