Love this site!!


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hi Y'all! I am in Louisiana and have four 13 week old pullets, one Buff Orpington, one Dominiker, 2 Easter Eggers (one was supposed to be a RIR, but the green legs give it away) that my daughter and I purchased on whim, not know what we were going to do other than fix a box for them in our laundry room. My daughter wanted to name them after famous horses, so they are, Maxine, (Fleetstreet Max) BO, Belle, (Eight Belles) Dominiker, Freckles, (Colonel Freckles) EE, Alex, (Rachel Alexandra) EE. My sister told me about this site and I have poured through it, soaking up so much information on feeding, breeds and Coops, but it became invaluable when our Belle had a skateboarding accident with my daughter at 4 weeks old! Even though it was on a Sunday afternoon, we are lucky to have a veterinary college close by that we raced to. Her radiographs showed a broken leg. We had to leave her there for surgery (clean break, but exposed bone) and it was this forum that showed me that my little chick could recover! After 5 days, we were able to pick her up. She was so cute with her little cast. It has been six weeks and I am so happy to say, she made a full recovery!
All of the girls have been in their coop for about a week now and are loving it! I am still learning so much and continue to use this site as a tool for that! Thank you!

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