love this!

Those prefab things can be cute, At least that one appears to have enough ventilation at the top where it belongs. But that's a lot of money. You could build a simple 8x8 shed and large run for that much, with water and electricity. Coops don't need heat unless used as a brooder, and that's way too much light for anything but your use, briefly, if you have to tend to the chickens at night. I have to wonder how long those thin legs would last, and whether 4 are enough.
I agree with Judy.

The first thing I noticed was the price! The second thing that jumped out was the 4 corner posts supporting such a big structure! Those posts would need to be waaay in the ground with heavy duty conc piers in my opinion. Much better would be more support legs along with cross bracing.
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Last thing to jump out would be his Better Business Bureau rating of F. Stay away, or at least do your homework first. He flat ripped me off for $689 and has left plenty other people unhappy. Lawrence Kudlik is the owner.

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