Loving my girls colorful eggs! When should I expect consistent numbers?

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Aug 27, 2014
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Yesterday we had 5 eggs! 4 in one nest and 1 in another "real" nesting box. Got our first green egg! Monday we had 3 and Sunday we had 2. We have 20 hens who free range. They started laying about 3 weeks ago. How many and when should I expect to see on a consistent bases?
Of course I have to share the pics. The colors are so beautiful!

Oh so pretty! I just got my first blue today and was so happy. It really just depends, it takes anywhere from 23-26 hours for a hen to lay the next egg (thoughts are varied on the times) but if they are new layers then it'll take a while for them to lay regularly. My maran laid two eggs took a day off then laid 3 more days took a day off then one every other day. I guess their systems just take a little while to adjust to laying then they get a little more regular.
And different breeds will lay with different regularity. Our red sex-linked is our most regular, probably 6 eggs every 7 days. Our EE is 5 of 7 at best. Our BO is about the same, when she's not broody. If you get consistent production from a variety of breeds, it's just luck!

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