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    Hello everyone!

    I am new to incubating and I decided to give it a try and my biggest mistake is that I didn't research the topic good enough. I thought that you just put the eggs in and incubator will do all the work [​IMG]so here I am with incubator and some inexpensive duck eggs to try.

    I bought Hovabator genesis 1588, when I received it I started it and added water to one trough as it says in the instructions.

    I am going to use the incubator to hatch a duck eggs.

    So here is what I have Temperature at 99.9 F but humidity is 42% and it doesn't go up. Is it enough for duck eggs? if not how to raise it?

    I read some articles and I figured that for duck eggs I will need 60% humidity is that right?

    Plus I received eggs today in the mail which I won on ebay they are Rouen duck eggs.

    Anyways I will be glad for any info and advices.
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    I always refer everyone to the hatch Aholics thread, they are always more the willing to help. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...own-as-hatch-day-is-today/37060#post_10741234 And WELCOME
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