lowering brooder temp


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
central Ohio
Okay, this is a total newb question, but....when you say to "lower the brooder temperature 5 degrees/week...how do you do that with a heat lamp clipped to the side of a rubbermaid tub? Or do the chicks just self regulate? --- move farther away from the heat source?
Hopefully getting chicks on Monday!!! (just three.....hahahahahaha. we'll se if that really happens!)
If you have the brooder inside with the light clipped to the side of it you could probably go with a regular light bulb.You may want to start with a 100 -150 watt bulb to get temps of 90-95* directly under the light, then go down to 75 -50 watts to lower the temp later on.
The chicks will tell you if they are to hot or to cold.If they huddle under the light peeping loudly,they are to cold.If they move as far away from the heat as they can get,they are to warm.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new chicks.

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