Lucy Doke


5 Years
Aug 25, 2014
My Lucy has a crooked beak and eats like a pro....I mix her feed with a jar of baby food or buttermilk. I make it the constancy of wet sand. I do have to pile her food up and a large hill so she can eat better. When it hot outside I put her worms in the water dish so she stays hydrated.. She loves raw spaghetti squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc... cut in half and the bottom cut so it sits flat. Her water dish is a deep 4" X 12" livestock dish. All my five chickens eat the same way so she feels like a normal chicken. I trim her beck every month to keep it short. She's so good when I trim her, she stays really still and watches every move I make. She's a normal weight like the other girls and they all get along great! I would not change her at all.

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