Lump below eye next to beak on hen Please suggest

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    I have read about other chickens with simular things on the forum but none of the symptoms fit my hen.
    She has no discharge, no yucky smell and she feels fine and is eating fine.
    She is not sneezing or having any trouble that I can see at all.

    Its not swollen and puffy and hot like infection. Its almost like a lump. But not like swelling.
    My first thought was that she had something lodged in her cheek because its hard.

    Any suggestions. i could give her antibiotics anyway couldnt I?
    I really cant hold her head still long enough to look in her beak she doesnt mind being held but she wiggles her head when I try to look in her mouth.
    If so what should I give her if I were to give antibiotic?
    Where do you buy it?

    She is a 1 1/2 year old Sumatra Hen
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    barngem - a photo of your hen's "lump" would be helpful.

    One of my Bantam Leghorn hens is on the recovery end of a small abscess that formed behind her nasal opening (sorry, I don't have a photo to post at the moment, but will get one tomorrow). It came up quickly, and did not feel hot to the touch. There were no other remarkable symptoms. I watched it for a day or so, like you, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. When I noticed an area of the skin weakening, I knew it was an abscess, & I helped it open, using a Q-tip soaked with warm water & clean tweezers. I cleaned as much of the goop out as I could and smeared antibiotic cream in & around it. Abscesses should be kept open, draining, and well-lubed with antibiotic cream or ointment.

    I'll post a photo of mine tomorrow; perhaps it will be of help to you.
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    I think a picture would help alot,

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