Lumpy Beak on Older Roo


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Northern California
Mr. Boo, my 5 year old Modern Game rooster, has a funky beak thing right now. The tip of it is lumpy and wrinkled, but still hard and bony like any other beak. Just a while ago, he broke the tip off, so it might have just grown back deformed. He has broken the tip off numerous times before, leaving only the soft palette exposed. I would think that would affect how the beak grows back (maybe this last time he damaged the growth plate). But I'm worried it might be a vitamin deficiency (but the feed I give him is complete, so that would be unlikely, but I'd rather be safe than sorry). Has anyone dealt with anything similar to this? He seems otherwise fine, just a funky, lumpy beak.

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