Lumpy eggs - too much calcium?


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I have a little (I believe) Millie mutt mix hen that lays small cream colored eggs. This past week her eggs have that lumpy eggshell look. Like calcium deposits all over the eggshell. When I bring them in to have a closer look the stuff scrapes off. I've seen this before but it was minimal. Hers are getting ALOT of it on her eggs. Am I giving her too much in the calcium department, or is it her manufacturing too much and it comes out in her eggshell?

This is what all of them eat: regular layer mash, oyster shell in a seperate dish for when they want it, plenty of water, and I give out treats daily.

Treats include: leftover baked potato, pasta, a little bit of cheese here and there, veggie scraps. They all eat the same thing, but her eggs are progressively getting lumpier. Am I doing too much in the treat area? Or is she just going thru a phase? Should I worry? Thanks for any input.
It usually clears up on it's own. It seems like the hens know when they are lacking enough calcium in their systems and sometimes over do it with the consumption part of it. Kinda like I should of quit with one cheesburger.

I had a severe problem with the calcium pimples at one time, and now only see it once in a while, with the same flock.

My hens really eat alot of egg shells and oyster shells, however the shells have been nice and smooth lately.

Thanks for your replies, it looked natural to me and I figure chickens kinda "know" what to do, as long as I'm not overdoing it in the food department, I'll wait it out. Thank you.
Hi - we are newbie chicken keepers having recently inherited a small flock of 8 birds. 2 of our hens had stopped laying before coming to us (thought to be due to stress caused by geese at an interim home). They have now been with us for two weeks, and today (amid much noise) they produced an egg each - but the eggs were covered in many very small nodules (about the size of a pin head or smaller) that brush off when the egg is rubbed. Are these the calcium deposits you have been discussing? Could they be caused by the hens not laying for a month or so?

Many Thanks
I think that is it, her body is shifting gears, and hasnt adjusted quit yet, when mine first started laying sometimes get a soft shell, wierd shaped, or like you said grainy shell(looks like diped in sand) after a couple of first eggs her body should adjust and you should have nice smooth eggs.

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