Lurker signed on for sick baby turkey


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Apr 23, 2013
Hi. I've been lurking and using this site to watch over our new birds 16 baby chicken, 2 baby ducks and 1 baby turkey.

Unfortunately today my baby turkey seems to be sick, so I signed in to post a help thread in the turkey section. Hopefully somebody can help, because while I had fun playing with my dinner every day, now I'm a little worried about the little bird.

This is our first time raising birds, but we moved out to the country last year and are trying to start being a little more self sufficient. As for my "raising style" I guess, I'm a cavemen. Most of what I do usually starts or ends with the saying "in nature". So I'm trying to raise these birds as close to "wild" as possible, with only serious concern for predators. I'm building the chicken a 12footx10footx8 foot chicken coop in the roof of the garden shed right now. The ducks have already and temporarily moved out to our garage so they don't stink up the house and waste so much bedding, and so I can close the garage at night to keep them safe, and the chicken and turkey are in a 6footx3footx2foot open top brooder in my laundry room (yes they are starting to play outside the brooder. LOL)

Once I get the chicken coop done (hopefully in the next week roughly), the baby chicken will be moving out also, but will remain locked up until they get big enough not to worry about our 6 cats (who don't seem interested, or maybe even a little afraid of the ducks. but the ducks are really big already--at least to me. I didn't know they grew that fast).

Oh and in a couple weeks our 3 geese should be arriving.

So Hi
Greetings from Kansas, scorpiovette, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Hope your sick turkey gets to feeling better soon! Best wishes!

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