Madder Than A Wet Hen.....Funny Pic

Lora C

11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
What happened to my perfectly puffy princess? We've been getting a lot of rain here and the yard is a mud pit, but my girls are taking it well. They dont seem to mind the rain, but poor Liza is a mess! Silkies DO NOT look good when wet! Anyone else have pictures of their flock dealing with bad weather...?


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We actually do take her inside occasionally and she recently had a shampoo - guess we'll need to do that again soon.
The "chicken wrangler" is a sweetheart. Love that smile and the obvious joy she is feeling! I think the chicken punk look is kind of interesting just for something completely different.
I was just talking about my white Silkie today and how she can be muddy one day and back to her lovely fluffy self the next .... I don't know how she does it !
The first time I saw her messed up her head feathers were gummy and black and stuck up like a mohawk - I was on the way to work but figured I'd bathe her when I got home ..... got home she was fluffy and white again - ????????????????????
I can understand preening dry mud out of body feathers but how did she get the stuck on her head?

I swore I wouldn't ask ......... but I guess I just did.

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