Maggots in my chickens butt.

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    Aug 24, 2010
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    My hen does not have the regular hen tail feathers. She has a round bottom of feathers they do not stand up at all. Because of this she always has a pasty bottom. I wash her bottom for her and try to keep it clean.
    Today I washed out her bottom, she still smelled so I lifted her feathers and noticed tiny worms, my husband said they were maggots in her butt hole. We washed her and scraped them out with brush, but she still has several.
    What can/should I do at this point? Please help with any advice.

    thank you

  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    For her to survive, you have to get all the maggots out, or they will eat her alive. I imagine you will have to keep her indoors to prevent flies from laying more eggs as well as others pecking her. Pick them out, then I would probably try some weak Betadine solution in the area, though I don't really know what would work best.
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    Had a similar problem a few weeks ago with one of my hens. Click on SEARCH..type in maggots and Author..type in kudzu vine and you should see replies. SWAT worked, but it took washing them out several times a day. With the location of your maggots, I wouldn't use peroxide like I did. If you take the SWAT on a qtip to get in there that should get rid of them. There must be some type of wound for maggots to feed.

    I was told not to use an antibiotic cream that state "pain relief". Read this thread an hope it helps. Bobbie is finally alot better, but this was a very disgusting problem. Just stay on top of it several times a day.

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