Maggots n Duckweed

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    Apr 1, 2015
    Hello everyone

    what are your views on raising meat birds on maggots and duckweed.

    this is what i can find on the composition of maggots

    Dry Matter 24,7%
    Crude protein 47,5-50,1%
    Lipid 19,3%
    Cellulose 23,2%
    Minerals 9,1%
    Ca 1,5%
    P 1,2%
    Mg 0,3%
    K 1,3%
    Na 4528 ppm
    Mn 196,5 ppm
    Fe 425,7 ppm
    Cu 19,7 ppm
    Zn 235,8 ppm

    I also read that duckweed could contain up to 40% protein ( not sure of carb. content or if digestible )
    Any suggestions on ratios of duckweed to maggots and how to supplement for extra minerals/vitamins, also if grains are needed for added carbohydrates?

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