Magots On My Chicken !!!!!


8 Years
Jul 12, 2011
So this is the most disgusting thing I've dealt with thus far as a chicken lover. FlufferNutter, my buff cochin of six years had some poop stuck to her behind which I noticed out of the corner of my eye, while tending to my other 30 chickens, four cats, dog, three kids and husband....... Needless to say a day or to passed before I brought her in to clean her up. What I found was a huge amount of maggots imbedded in an area of about 6"x6" below her vent with tunneling as well. I admit it looked hopeless as I read about other experiences. However, I'm writing because if you decide to be more persistent than those nasty squirming white things, it is possible to win the battle.
This is what I did. Physically get the maggots off! Because her skin was completely covered in that area I squirted hairspray directly on the squirming mass. Maggots hate hairspray. (use a pump, not aerosol ). I had large tweezers to literally pull them off. I did this every morning and night for two days. I diluted peroxide 1/2 with water and used a large syringe ( no needle ) to gently force this solution in the tunneled areas, then flushed with water.I then applied bacitracin on her wounds and surrounding skin to ease irritation. ( I did this routine for two days, twice a day. I gave her the antibiotic, Baytril (22.7 mg/2mil ) .1mg every morning in a small piece of leftover pancake for seven days. Also a 1/4 to a 1/2 a baby aspirin morning and night because she had a slight fever and for pain. On the second day, I discovered Capstar, and diluted 1 tablet Capstar (for small dogs & cats - kills lice, maggots ! ) in 20cc of water and also flushed those tunneled areas where they were persistently hiding. All this was done in my laundry room by the sink, and I had a spot light which helped tremendously to see the tiny new maggots. And yes, when they finally get uncomfortable where they originated, they migrate to other nooks and crannies.
VERY IMPORTANT - CHECK EVERYWHERE ON THAT CHICKEN FOR MAGGOTS. I was pretty happy with myself the second day when I didn't see any on the original area. Dumb luck I just decided to massage her feet when I found maggots between her toes already creating tunnels! Also, because she had been sitting and not moving much, between her legs and torso. I repeated everything as before and got rid of them by the third day. IMPORTANT - FEED THAT CHICKEN ! I fed her grapes, applesauce, apples, yogurt, wholegrain bread, oatmeal, frenchtoast, birdseed with shelled sunflower seeds, hardboiled egg. ( they need protein to heal ).
One mistake I made was soaking her in a sink of warm water initially. Not necessary - those #@$#@ things swim! Its hard to dry the feathers and maggots like damp chickens. ( Of course by the time I got finished using the blowdryer, after eating her pancake this chick thought she was at the spa. ) I always had her comfort in mind and I had her on a towel for each maggot removing ritual. I changed her bedding twice a day (dog carrier in the laundry room). I kept her inside away from flies and other chickens. By the third day she spend the day outside in the carrier surrounded by her feathered friends. End of day 3 I can happily report that her fever is gone the maggots are gone and her wound is healing. She's still sitting more than standing and i do a quick check for any nasties. I squirt her wound with Bandaid antiseptic/analgesic liquid, blot and apply bacitracin. Am I nuts - probably, but FlufferNutter is talking to me again and I just found an egg in the crate. Persistance is a virtue!


11 Years
Nov 1, 2010
What a mom !!!!


8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Madison, GA
Wow!! You are one good chickie Mom!!
I'm so glad I have been here to learn all this stuff BEFORE I get my chickies!
Thanks for sharing, I never would have even thought about those gross little critters getting on a hens bum! GOOD JOB!!

Patricia Jane

9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
Petaluma CA
Wow unbelievable. Never would I of thought about maggots. Certainly makes my skin crawl. Kudos for taking such good care of FlufferNutter. You know shes thankful. Your a great chicken mama.


10 Years
Aug 8, 2011
WOW!! You are a great diligent chicken mom!
I hate maggots and I'm sure most folks do!! You did a great job!!


5 Years
May 27, 2014
THANK YOU so much for this post. I just found the same thing. I am so distraught and upset. Although I did the same thing as you. I soaked her in water to get the maggots off. Do you know if I should give her a dewormer? I have some from before. I am so grossed out right now but don't want anything to happen to my girl, Sweetie Pie. Any advice would be welcomed. I am going to get the dog kennel to put her in my porch.

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