Magpie stopped laying??


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Snohomish County, WA
Magpie hen has laid an egg consistently everyday since 8-13-11. She missed 8-17-11, and now has missed the past two days. I know they only lay about 220 eggs a year, so are going to have "off days", but since I am new to this, is anything likely to be causing it. Light I wouldn't think would be an issue since since well over 12 hour per day, although getting less each day. Anyone have experience with Magpies and laying? (And she hasn't laid and hidden it somewhere, I have thoroughly checked the pen she has been in. And she hasn't had the opportunity when they have been out foraging as I watched her No food changes. She's still laying eggs with quite hard shells. Still getting free choice oyster shell, lots of greens and foraging time. Appears to be behaving normally. No apparent injures, bulges, discomfort???? Anyone with Magpies, do they normally lay through the winter? She will be six months on 9-11-11.
Where are you located? I've talked to several people in Upstate NY whose ducks ALL for some reason stopped laying. (including my own)
Something very odd...

It's totally normal for any breed of duck to take breaks. I have found with my runners that they will lay every single day for weeks or months at a time, then they'll take a break for weeks or months at a time. Magpies ditto. That having been said... I am selling my magpies because they stopped laying earlier this summer and never started back again, even when the runners did.

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