Mail order chickens in heat


Mar 29, 2016
I would love to add to my flock, but, the heat is keeping me from ordering anything. I don't think they would make it in the heat. I am waiting until it cools off a bit.
Has anyone had a shipment in the heat? any issues?
Where do you live? Are there any chickens available locally? Craigslist? Poultry swaps?
No, I am in central Alabama and the heat is overwhelming. I would love to find the black and lavender orp's. blue and black cochin or black maran locally. No such luck. I don't know of any hatcheries in Birmingham Alabama. Most on-line hatcheries require minimum orders that I don't have room for. I can get pullets but the heat is too hot.
Frankly I waited for a broody hen, and hence ordered eggs in the heat... none of them hatched, I would WAIT till it is cooler. Dead birds in a box would not be fun to open, and highly stressed birds are much more prone to disease.

Mrs K

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