Major Mortality rate what could be wrong with my flock? HELP PLEASE


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The tests are all done by this time. You need to calll them and get the results.

With antibiotics you can not just start them ..... you need to know WHAT you are treating and which one will work. All antibiotics are not the same.

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Well it seems to me that if she doesn't know whats what, its' better to do something than nothing at all. While I agree they should have the test results by now.

Starting antibiotics can't hurt and just might help. I have been told by my Doc more than once that "medicine is not an exact science".

Even if the Vet calls and says he doesn't know it's better to do something rather than nothing. Even if she treats them and they STILL die she will be no worse off. If she TREATS them and no more die then she's better off.


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Except treating with the wrong antibiotics can cause "super bugs" that are antibiotic resistant.

Call the vet at your first opportunity and then go from there.

I am so sorry your sister is having so many struggles - I know that wears on you as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers this evenign.

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Don't start antibiotics unless you know what you are treating. It CAN hurt. It's everyone's responsibility to use anti-b drugs properly. Improper usage can increase the resistance of the germs to the drugs. This is how superbugs are created.



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I am so sorry, I just read most of this.

I am going through almost the same, the only thing no other animals are dying, just the chickens. Mine are loosing their feeling in their legs some are not walking real weak, weird things with the neck a coulple kind of had a twitch with their head. All different things where I was having a hard time figuring out what it was. But I think I got some of it today, mites. I go out at night and never see a single one, but I had to bring one of the girls in because she couldn't walk, so I gave her a bath and I saw them all over her. The next is posion, my neighbor I belive is doing it, now I just have to catch them.

You and your family are in my prayers and I hope everything works out for you!



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We are also being affected here in texas... is it possible this could affect chickens and kill them? I am new to this and am curious how this could also affect chickens. Would it and could it be what is going on with the OP's chickens?



Posted on August 22, 2010 at 4:44 PM

Updated Sunday, Aug 22 at 10:11 PM

News 8 has uncovered dozens of salmonella cases in North Texas, and recalled eggs are being pulled from local shelves.

That recall keeps growing — now topping half a billion eggs.

The salmonella outbreak has sickened 1,300 people nationwide; 165 of them are in Texas, and that number is growing.

As investigators try to connect the dots, retailers are taking action. Walmart stores all across Texas pulled thousands of egg cartons from their shelves this weekend.Workers removed three brands: Hillandale Farms, Dean Foods and Sparboe Farms in a nationwide recall possibly tied to a salmonella outbreak.

Other grocery chains in North Texas, including Albertsons and Tom Thumb, have not been affected by the recall. Nevertheless, some customers are keeping eggs out of their shopping carts for now.

"Just not going to get them until they come out and say everywhere, across the board, they are unaffected," said shopper Mallory Biegler.

In Texas, health officials started seeing a spike in salmonella cases three months ago. "Here's the issue: In terms of salmonella, it's [grown] fourfold in Texas — a large number of increases," said Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson.

Investigators are now taking a look at 165 cases, 35 of which are in North Texas:

* 13 in Tarrant County
* 10 in Collin County
* 7 in Dallas County
* 5 in Denton County

"The seven are spread over Dallas County," Thompson said. "Three of them are going to be restaurants, the others are going to be from stores."

According to state health officials, all of the cases and the eggs tied to the recall share the same strain of salmonella, but but a direct link has not been established.

Investigators say tracking down the source will be difficult. They are still running lab tests, and results could be weeks away.

For now, health officials urge families to heed all recall alerts.

"It's important that if you are going to cook eggs, cook at the right temperature, and maintain them at the right temperature," Thompson said. "Above all, any egg products that are from the recall need to be taken back to the store immediately."

The two companies involved in the egg recall apparently share a feed supplier, and one bought young hens from the other.

Feed and chickens carrying the bacteria are two of the ways salmonella can spread.

Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially for children, the elderly or people with poor immune systems.

Symptoms of salmonella include fever, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain.​
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dura mycin is oxytetracycline and if you were to start a full strength dose and follow it through you wont be creating a super bug a superbug is created by folks starting an antibiotic regime and then stopping once they feel better... Drs treat pts this way all the time in fact if you go to a drs and they give you an antibiotic and have not started a blood culture or gotten a positive strep test they are guessing too and as long as you treat the full course of antibiotics your OK if its viral your done anyway... I believe the max dose of duramycin is 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and change that out daily... you can mix a quarter teaspoon or so of electrolyte with that... Id run a 14 day course and consider a 21 day course especially if improvement is seen... THAT IS IF THE VET KEEPS YOU HANGING!!!!


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Wow, Melissa! I just read through all 20 pages. I am so sorry for all you are going through right now. When it rains, it really pours. I have no advice, it appears you are being given good advice and are doing all the right things, so anything I say would just be a repeat of the last 20 pages.

I can imagine how frustrated and useless you feel right now! I have a sister on hospice treatment right now. She is only 58 years old but it doesn't look good.

Whatever you decide to do with the chickens, please take care of yourself! I'm sure you are really running yourself ragged over all of this, and the next thing we know your health will be an issue, too.

We here at BYC are all pulling for you, sympathizing with you, and hoping and crying with you. Lots of hugs, prayers, and good thoughts are all headed your way.


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