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    Auction format please do not PM bid as a reply in .50 cent increments.
    Choose your dozen any combo you like.
    Pen 1: Blue Copper Rooster over Black Copper Hens
    Pen 2: Golden Cuckoo Rooster over Golden Cuckoo Hens
    Pen 3: Splash Rooster over Splash and Black Hens
    The girls are laying like crazy and my incubators are stuffed full just can't bring myself to use these as eating eggs!
    Fertility has been 100% and hatch rates are excellent here but as we all know shipping is a gamble so I can not guarantee hatch rate.
    I will guarantee you that I will send Fresh, Fertile, Dark, and beautiful eggs packed the best way I know how!
    24 hour auction will close Wed. 2/22
    Would like to mail these out as soon as I receive payment
    Shipping is $15.00
    The BBS so far are test breeding solid. They were purchased as solid and so far have proved to be solid.
    Thanks for the catch Aceschix [​IMG]
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    Is shipping includes or extra? If extra what is the cost?

    The Splash and Blue you have listed are solids?

    Thanks for the clarification!!


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