Making a home made incubator?

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    Well I will make a long story short. We rescued a rooster and have had him for about a month and just found him a home. But we are wanting to hatch out a couple eggs. I was just wondering if I could make a incubator at home and how many times to turn the eggs ect.


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    Roosters don't lay eggs [​IMG]

    Seriously, do a search on BYC for homemade incubators and you will find HUNDREDS of different styles. Might even be a sticky on the top of this section???

    Good Luck getting eggs from that rescued roo [​IMG]
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    May 9, 2010
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    Quote:From her signature you can tell she has hens. [​IMG]
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Franklin, NC
    I have been looking and was wanting to hatch some eggs out later on but a few home school kids thought it would be fun to do so here I am [​IMG] It is only going to be a few eggs for now but I am planning on buying a incubator. I do know the temp should be at 99.5 and the humidity should stay at 50% days 1-18 but I have also read that it should be at 60% - 65%? If I am correct the humidity should be raised 20% the last couple days. I have never hatched eggs in a incubator and I know this is not going to be a walk in the park. I have always had a hen hatch them but sadly lost the hen to a coyote.

    Thanks everyone for the help.
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    When I incubated last spring I was told to keep the temp at 100/101 F. 99.5 should be fine. The humidity helps keep the chicks from sticking to the shells when they hatch. That could be such a pain. You want to turn the eggs twice a day (I did every 12 hours). Don't do it by hand. Use an old egg carton, pointed side down. Tip it one way, then 12 hours later tip it the other way, and so on. Or you could get an automatic egg turner, then all you have to do is set them on day 18. Make sure you're home all day on day 21 so you don't miss anyone hatching! Try not to let it get too drafty in the incubator. I had to constantly watch the one I originally used because the temperature kept fluctuating. It was crazy. And when it gets closer to hatching day, the temp really goes up, so watch that thermometer CLOSE so it doesn't get too hot. Don't want roasted babies! Good luck, and happy hatching!
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    Here is a quick and easy incubator plan .. for FREE!!!...


    And here it is in action!!! Of course with an added fan, and a little protection around the light.
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    May 8, 2013
    How well does that incubator work for you? Do you have the building process posted on here? I am interested in doing something very similar....

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