Making chicken feed for ornamental birds


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
I have had a lot of fun lately making food for my 1 month old Pheonix's.
Thought I woulod share would I did and open the floor for suggestions.

The first thing I decided was that this would be a cheapy food.
Here are my ingrediants and aprox. quantities.

1 Jewel Weed also called touch me not=half a cup

2.Apple or old winter squas scrap=one fourth a cup

3 Meat and fat leftovers=two tablespoons

4Molasses part of goat feed=two tablespoons

5 crushed baked eggs shell=one fourth of a cup

6 Variose seeds and leavs=One half a cup

I feed it to them as about a fourth of thier total feed (the rest is game bird starter) and grit. They LOVE it and some of thier tails are 2 and 1/2 inches already.

I refrigerate it in a plastic baggie it lasts about 1 week.

Any ideas, commets, questions, etc?
I think that you are going for a different idea than most chicken growers
your birds are for the tail length and some of the recipe is not always readily available

most folks worry about protein value and not ingredients that are different

any questions email me
Ya I agree maybe I came across wrong?

Really I would LOVE to read ANY types of recipe you have.
I do realize some of this is seasonal I will use more seeds in fall and winter.
I readily change my scraps though batch I am mixing up to day has carrot scraps, lettuce, and apple.

Not really trying to use ingredients that are different just to make it affordable. Any other recipete would be welcome.

I am really only trying for protein and fiber.
Agian it does not have to be ornamental.

Maybe I should join the thread killers.

Hoping for more replies
this here will give you ideas on what has protein and the amt and many feed recipes

CHICKEN FEED: Feed Recipes Feed formulas formulae blend recipes ... Feed formulas formulae blend recipes for natural chicken feed, baby chicks, raising and feeding chickens by traditional methods and organically. - Similar

CHICKEN FEED: Protein protein content of chicken feed, calculation of protein. ... UNSTUCK! With Lions Grip Traction Pads · MAIN MENU · Introduction · Feed Recipes ... - Cached - Similar
More results from »

A List of the Protein Levels of Different Feeds


Dried fish flakes 76
Dried liver 76
Dried earthworms 76
Duckweed 50
Torula yeast 50
Brewers yeast 39
Soybeans (dry roasted) 37
Flaxseed 37
Alfalfa seed 35
Beef, lean 28
Earthworms 28
Fish 28
Sunflower seeds 26.3
Wheat germ 25
Peas & Beans, dried 24.5
Sesame seed 19.3
Soybeans (boiled) 17
Wheat bran 16.6
Oats, whole 14
Rice polish 12.8
Rye 12.5
Wheat 12.5
Barley 12.3
Oats 12
Corn 9
Millet 9
Milo 9
Rice, brown 7.5

any questions email me

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