Making duck lunch!!!


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
So to start them laying faster I'm making what I call 'Duck Lunch' it's basically veggies cut into a mush. I put carrots, eggs, oranges, mangos, juice, almonds, broccoli and duck vitamins in a food processor and then but in a bucket for them. I hope it makes them fatter or helps them lay better eggs at least.


8 Years
Dec 4, 2011
Quote:I have a similar blend that I use along with the maint feed...
I found that rice, because of the starch I'm assuming, seems to fatten ducks, add weight and makies a good filler. I'll vary the mixed stuff about 50/50 with the cooked rice, then sprinkle in oyster shell or some other form of calcium.

Another tip,. someone was looking for niacin and other vits that coyuld be added to feed, I found some B complex with niacin and other things thats liquid form with an eye dropper. I give them a dose of that every so often on their feed to be sure its eaten, unlike the water that gets worn mostly..

I also make my own "waste free" seed feed running various seeds thru the processor...sounds like a leaf blower when its full of seeds...but it hulls them and the ducks can then digest the seed when its mixed with the wetter greens.

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