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    [​IMG]I just bought a nice BURR MILL it runs on a hit & miss engine & I quite big. I have been feeding my chickens nutrina 22% layer pellets & my quail 28% wild game feed. I really need a recipe Or someting to tell ne what to mix so as I can make my own feed. do I mix corn & oats? wheat? what makes the protine higher or lower?Please get me started on this
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    Fertrell has recipes for use with their supplements.

    If you want to go with an old-time formula, James Dryden at what is now Oregon State University, knew something about Feeding for Eggs, which is what he called his book from 100 years ago. To follow his recipes, you need to be willing to feed animal products and make sure your birds get "green" foods.

    Leaving aside the greens for a moment, Dryden says that a "balanced" ration could be made up of 10 lbs. wheat, 3 lbs. oats, 2 lbs, bran, and 1 lb. beef scrap. He has other formulas that use skim milk and cottage cheese. Feeding for Eggs You can download the entire booklet from Oregon State University on that webpage.

    Honestly, I feel that Dryden fairly well knew what he was talking about despite the limits of science at the time. He was the first researcher with a 300 egg/year pullet and a 1,000 egg/lifetime hen.


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