Making Soap Labels using Photo Paint

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by rebbetzin, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I have been working on a label for my Goat Milk Soap.

    Here are a few examples to show you.

    I like this one best


    My husband likes this one better.


    With so many goat pictures here on my computer, I could used lots of different photos.

    Here are a couple more labels

    I am just learning how to use Photo Paint. It has some neat features.

    Like being able to lighten just a portion of a photo.

    Here is what I mean.

    This the original photo.


    It was early morning and the light was very bright. the goats and I were too dark to be seen very well.

    I was able to crop and lighten just my face and part of the larger goats head.


    Then I adjusted the brightness, and this is the edited and cropped photo


    In a few years I ought to be able to do some neat photo editing.

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