Male or Female? - Buff Brahma - age unknown


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
I have no idea how old my little friend is, but I am thinking about 8-10 weeks. Someone "found" this little guy in their backyard and brought him/her to our clinic. I've had it about a month. It's my first (and only) chicken. Cute, sweet, spoiled, and totally imprinted, following me around everywhere. Still peeps and trills and has fuzzies on the head. Weighs 33.5 oz (~ 2 lbs).

I'm wondering if it is a male or female.

These aren't your typical chicken pics. Please don't judge.
I don't have a coop yet....

First pic was right after I got him/her. Second pic a couple weeks ago. The rest were taken this week.

Thoughts? Girl or boy?


It's a little cockerel. You can tell by the redness of the comb, the three rows on the comb, and the darker reddish/gold shading on the wings.
Thanks! When do they stop peeping and start making real chicken noises? Do you agree with me about the age, or do you think he is older/younger?
The little bits of fluff make me think he's closer to the 8 week mark. My birds often peep until 4 months old. Something to keep in mind is Brahmas are a giant breed, thus slower to mature than a high production bird.
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