Males breeding each other.


Oct 13, 2019
Anchorage Alaska
I have a breeder cage with 2 roos and 8 hens. The males seem to breed each other to the point of being bald. The same is happening in a cage of all roos. Stocking density is 1 per sqft. They are 7 weeks.
You might want to split the cage so it's 4 hens to 1 roo. Multiple roos with hens in 1 cage usually don't get along with what I've seen so far though sometimes there might be more laidback individuals. And yes, the mounting and balding in the all roo cage is standard, they don't care if the others aren't females. It's gonna be Brokeback Mountain: Quail Edition.
Yes, that happens ... I had a batch of hatching were I seperated the roos, they were, beside fighting, also stepping each other. ... This went this far, that they were "group mate" 4 at a time ... funny picture ... seeing 4 roos in a row trying to mate, like trainwagons 🙈 😲 😂

Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera 🙄

When the hormons spreading they get Mad.
Normal male behaviour. I would recommend splitting them up in two 1:4 groups. Also, I know some people would say otherwise, but I personally would recommend giving them a little more space, meaning hopefully, less chance of fighting and overmating.

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