Mallard Duck, nesting, laying eggs in my yard


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I was wondering if anyone could help me. A mallard duck made a nest & so far has laid about 6 eggs roughly 6 ft away from my side door we use often. This is a first. I cannot understand why she picked this spot. We have a golden retriever that found the nest, which is when I saw it, only one egg at that time. I have kept him away since.

Any thoughts on what I should do? We thought we'd put a small fence around the area just incase my dog got curious again or from any other animal. Should we avoid using that door which visitors use often? There is no pond or stream around, so I can't understand why this duck picked this spot.

When we moved to this area 18 yrs ago, we had two mallards that would come each spring & hang around in the field right behind our house. Since then a house has been built on that property. Not sure if that is why the duck made the nest here but it is on the front side of the house now.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to handle this situation. Thanks!
I have the same thing. I have 3 dogs and every year the ducks come up and lay eggs next to my front door! I live in the city but have a river nearby. They lay one egg per day until all laid then they will sit on em for 28 days and dissappear. I hate it because I have to adjust the whole dog situation, but think maybe they choose this place knowing that preditors stay away because of the dogs.
if it's possible i'd say yes just try and not let the dog out in that area, once she has laid all her eggs she'll sit for 28 days and then they'll leave with the babies..if you put a fence around it i'm not sure if that would make her abandon it or not. its weird she chose such a high traffic area....

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