Malllard duck eggs

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    Feb 20, 2014
    Hey guys, first time mallard hen layer and am waiting patiently for hatchings. My question is though, I got some male mallards to replace the others that got attacked and eaten, and then noticed ny lonely female started a nest and has about 11 eggs under her. I tried to smell the nest for rotten eggs but there isnt such and all the eggs are warm. I candled two that were on top last week and they had like veins in the egg which seems to be progres, now as of yesterday it looked like black masses inside the egg with a bubble on top. Also when I accidentally rotated the egg, the whole inside moved like a circular weightspinning upon a axis with heaviest side towards the ground. I didnt get pics but will do so when she comes out of nest , which is like every other day. In all I just wanted to know what y'all thought if this was good or bad. Thanks, sincerely first timer.
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