Mama is DONE!


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Dec 25, 2020
I have a sweet silkie mama. She was level 10 broody. Could not be broken for more than a day or two then right back to the nest. I surrendered and bought her four babies. She accepted them beautifully. She cared for them, fed them, snuggled them for four weeks. Then one day…done. I watched pretty closely and noticed one day she would eat but wouldn’t give it to the chicks when they tried to take it from her mouth. She just let them get their own food. Shortly after (a few days probably) she started begging to come out of the run and into the yard to roam like she did in her pre-baby days. The next day she laid an egg. I know that is a marker that she’s done. She seems DONE done though. I guess I thought she’d be back to check on them in the run during the day. She isn’t mean to them but just doesn’t seem to care much. I guess she kind of treats them the same as she treats the rest of our chickens. Are they just peers now so she doesn’t have to care anymore? I just peeped in the coop and they four chicks (5 weeks now) are all snuggling with the silkie ROOSTER and she’s sleeping by herself. Is it normal for her to drop them so quickly? She acts normal during the day just more aloof towards the chicks than I expected. Normal??

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