Managing Agressive Drake Behavior

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    May 5, 2015
    I recently in mid January rescued a Cayuga Drake that had a fractured leg. He healed wonderfully and got along well with my 2 chickens (Silkie Hens). They free range most of the day when I'm around preening, foraging, sunning, eating, sleeping together. I don't know how old he is because he was adult when I found him. But recently since early March he's started being aggressive/trying to mount one of my hens. It started off just very rarely, I could let them out and keep an eye on him. Now that's impossible, he just runs straight at her even with me between them. Now I have to alternate letting them free range from their runs.
    I feel badly since he can't be with his buddies now, it's a hassle keeping them separated, and I can't risk my hens getting hurt/sick from this agression. Already I lost my 3rd hen in early Feb and think indirectly it was due to the duck. He took a particular liking to her (no aggression at that point), but I think him following her around a lot made her nervous/anxious and I remember worrying about that, thinking I have to take this intro slower and then I found her laying in her run, nursed her but she died and I feel horribly that I most likely caused her death by taking him in. But after that the other 2 had accustomed to him and he thought he was one of them and they all hung out together, until all this spring fever started.
    Can you tell me your experiences if this will stop any time soon ?, after Spring ?, or be on going ? I do have a real good home for him with a couple who has a pond and many ducks/geese if I have to rehome him, but he seems very happy here and I love him being around before this started.
    Has anyone had experience with Lutalyse ? Injections or microchip implant ? Does it work ?, is it safe ?, how long does it last ? Dosage amt for average duck ? If given SQ or intramuscularly ?
    I'd hope to not have to rehome him but this isn't fair to my hens or to him as it is.
    Thank you so much for any help.
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    If that drake actually breeds one of your hens, he WILL kill it. Ducks have a penis. Chickens do not. Chickens are not built to be bred by other species.
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    Separate him ASAP..He needs other Duck Hens. Or rehome home him..

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