mandarin ducks very skiddish


7 Years
Jun 13, 2015
Hi everyone!

I just bought my first pair of mandarin ducks over the weekend. They didn't eat for the first day and a 1/2 and they've finally started eating, but anytime I get near them to feed or water them they go nuts up against the fencing and my male now has a little cut on the side of his face, so my question is, and I know these birds retain a lot of their wild instincts so they're not as tame as other birds, but is there any way I can get it to where they aren't hurting themselves every time I get near them? I guess tame them down a bit or will they just always be like this? I'm willing to do whatever it takes, I just was hoping someone could tell me a few pointers, because I just don't want these guys to get hurt. Thank you for all your help!!!
FIRST Give em a couple weeks to settle in. Then just spend as much time out with them as possible.Especially when feeding, That is all! AlsoThe bigger the pen the easier they get used to you. All Mandarins will become as tame as a domestic if you do this,I have to watch out for all my wild type waterfowl when I go to feed as they all run up and I have to be careful of not stepping on them lol
Let me start first by saying what a beautiful flock you have!!! Also, thank you very much for the advise, I will do what you suggested and cross my fingers that these guys start acting like your's do eventually. I just hope they don't hurt themselves trying to get away from me in the meantime. Thank you again!!
My daughter has been begging me for a "house duck." I am hoping when my mandarins hatch a clutch this week that I can get a baby and have it imprint on her.
Thank you and good luck with your birds, Heres a shot of some more of my kids

I love duck hunting also but like you I love keeping my wild ones. I do have a few dream ducks for the wall but we don't have them where I live. I do want to expand my flock but for now I have Wood ducks, Cinnamon teal, and green wing teal.

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