Mandarin hatching eggs???

I wouldn't buy hatching eggs unless you can get them at the persons farm. Oranmental duck eggs do not handle shipping well at all. If I were you I would try to find an adult pair.
same here. You'll pay for 6 eggs what a yearling pair will cost you this fall anyway. You can buy them for $50 a pair all day long, most get $10- $15 per egg
then you have to hope they are fertile, survive shipping, you can properly incubate them which isnt easy, and they survive to adulthood when they hatch just to be even to what a pair would have cost you to start with. Plus most are done laying now anyway.
With any of these type of waterfowl, started yearling pairs are always your best bet.
Good luck with it.
Can you tell me where to buy the pair? I could not find any seller close to where I live. Thanks

There are quite a few breeders in WA state.
Arnold Schouten is world famous for his work with sea ducks, without him we'd have no captive sea ducks actually and he's right up there with you.
PM me and I'll send you his info
I'm not sure if he has any or not, but he will surely be able to tell you where to find some locally at a good price.
Also Paul Dye lives there too, another major waterfowler, but I have been out of contact with him for many years, and havent seen his name much any more, so not sure if he's still in it or even with us for that matter, might ask Arnold about him, he'll know for sure as they were good friends and I know he would have them if he' s still doing it.

Shoot me a PM and I'll send you some numbers.
Also Paul Dye lives there too.

You haven't seen Paul's name because he passed away several (maybe even 10 years) ago.

I wouldn't use efowl either... The prices are insanely high. $130 for a pair of mandies. That I'd 2x the cost of a pair and then some! Unless you have money to blow, I wouldn't get them there.

You may have to wait until fall cause thats when most breeders sell them. Good luck though!

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