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9 Years
Sep 5, 2013
I don't have a single hobby due to my ADHD so I tend to bounce from hobby to hobby , back and forth and so on depending on my mood. But here is a list of just about everything I am into.

Automotive repair. Not so much the new stuff (even though it is my profession) But I really enjoy the old school cars, and want to build a Rat Rod

Woodworking. Love it so much I built a couple things from scrap wood that I found at job sites ,with permission, old wood fences and pallets.

metalworking I love welding, love the smell of heated metal, and love what you can do with hot metals to form them to what you want

Hunting,Fishing, Trapping, just an excuse to get peace and quiet lol well that and the smells and sights of God's creation as well as trying to outsmart creatures that are designed to survive because of their supreme senses. There are often times I am just so pleased that I see the animal completely relaxed, or at play and I feel so blessed that I just let them do their thing and watch. trapping I tend to use methods that do not harm the animal incase it is an untargeted species too young ect.

repairing lawn equipment this is more from what people throw out that I can fix and sell, what cant be fixed I will salvage what can be salvaged then scrap the rest

Animals, absolutly love them all, yes I hunt and fish but I hold them in high regard and respect them. I wish I could have 1000 acres for a giant farm with tons of woods and every farm animal I want and all the wildlife I can stand!

online gaming/single computer games, just something to do when I am not doing anything else or during bad weather.

collecting I am into several things in this department, Tobacciana, knives, military items, coins

making fishing lures Just got into this by accident. Found a broken beaded bracelet on the ground with some cool faceted beads. turned it into a spinner and it is a trout slayer!

some of my recent hobbies all because of the lady that owns the farm I work on is Mushrooms, Dutch Bantams, Phoenix and talking to animals .... did I mention that I love animals lol
Sounds like, with ADHD, you could turn some of that energy into making money, and maybe buy that 1000 acre farm you want someday. Best wishes with that. ;)
Quote: Metalworking is great, but please be careful of how much of the fumes you breathe in. I've got a lot of metalworkers and world class welders in my family and the toxins in the fumes have ruined every single welder we have. One of the common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity is dementia, and psychosis of an often aggressive sort. Please, for the sake of yourself as well as your family, be careful to avoid the fumes.

All the best.

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