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what is this? I have some that are lighter without the black stripe across thier eyes and then some darker ones with a stripe across thier eyes what are these two breeds? I think the darker one may be a welsumer but Im not sure and also if any one knows what breed of white chicken lays brown eggs?

back side
If any one else could look at these pics and let me know any thing on what breeds that these two could be would be great. thanks
What did you order?
They could all be EEs from what I can see.

I take that back. Yellow legs are inconsistent with EEs. Still curious to know what you have been told about them, if anything.
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Anything is consistant with EEs as they're mixed breeds and don't conform to any standard and can be found in any color or variety.

That chick could be a wellsummer. What did you order? It could also be an oegb.
I ordered standard brown egg layers that garanteed all purebread chickens and I opted out for the paper work cause I thought it would be fun guessing but now its driving me nuts. Im sure about the three barred rocks and the three white rocks I have but the rest are still a mystery, I also ordered three rare breeds which I think one of those is an easter egger because its feet are grey. I guess I wont be ordering like that again but I do love the place I got them from cause you can order a minimum of three.
The three reddish one in the third picture could be Spleckled Sussex.
I have 12 of those currently in the brooder. The legs of mine are pinkish.

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