Maran chick pipped on the wrong end


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Jul 9, 2013
My Black Copper Marans began hatching last night. Out of 10 eggs only 2 hatched and look heathy, but the first egg began to pip last night and it looks like the chick inside is struggling because the pip never got bigger since last night. It looks as if the chick inside the egg is at the wrong end and didn't turn. I don't know what to do? The other eggs never pipped yet, however they all looked good at its last candling at lock down. Is there anything I should do? Thank you!
Thank you, Sumi! I looked at the article and the chick may need assistance to hatch, but I will give it more time, as I noticed another egg beginning to pip. I fear opening the incubator at this stage to tempt to save this chick when it's possible the chick is weak or deformed. I hope that's not the case. Maybe tomorrow after it has been over 30 hours we can intervene and save this chick. But it may be too early today when we have another egg pipping, and possibly more later today. I hate when this happens. :(

Update on the BCM chick that pipped on the wrong end:

Well, hubby and I couldn't take it anymore and we began peeling away at its shell
last night about 16 hours after she only pipped a hole, and then we put him back in the incubator in hopes she would finish. But the chick never moved. We only knew she was still alive because we saw her breathing. This mornimg when she failed to move we took her out of the bator and hubby finished peeling the egg off of her and cleaning her up and put her back in the bator. She was inactive the first half of the day. He gave her some water in a dropper and she soon perked up. This evening she is so active and very chirping. We put her with the other 3 successful chicks and she doing fine. I will keep her as a pet because she had a rough time getting out of her shell and we would have lost her if we didn't intervene. Now I need to think of a name. :) Out of 12 shipped eggs on Black Copper Marans we only got 4 hatched chicks.



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