Maran Egg Colors???

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    Hello everyone....I was curious about how and where to get eggs that have values of 6-9 on egg color scale??? I have two blue maran hens and a welsummer and they lay eggs that are from 3-5 on the scale...Is there a way to guarantee that certain hens/pullets will lay eggs that high on color scale or is it just luck that you got a hen or a couple that lay exceptionally dark eggs...Thanks for your time and Info!!!
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    Not luck, that egg color was specially bred for. Look at the egg show results for the big shows like Newnan, Geogia. They are posted on both the Marans Club sites. Then look up those breeders and buy from them. Your best bet for a dark egg comes from mating a female who lays dark eggs ...with a male who came from an egg laid by a female who lays dark eggs. They don't have to be related but a big plus if they are from the same strain.

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