Maran Sexing?


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Sep 17, 2012
Victoria, Australia
Hi BYC community,

I have 7 Marans (6x BC and 1x unknown colour). I need help sexing them before I sell the roosters and keep the good hens. I will post the pictures below, head shot, wing, foot and then on the floor (keep in mind that they haven't been outside much yet!) They are currently nearly 4 weeks old.

Chick 1: Roo?

Chick 2: (Unknown colour)

Chick 3:

Chick 4:

Chick 5:

Chick 6:

Chick 7:

Thank you, Cross2Twins!
1 5 and 6 look like cockerels to me, 2 and 3 pullets. 7 is hard for me to see. Cute chicks!!!
agree a lot of comb at such a young age - though we could be more accurate if you wait another 4 weeks and take new photos of them.
With single comb birds at 5 weeks you only need to look at the comb. Your photos at 4 weeks had quite telling combs, 5 weeks will confirm this. I couldn't see #7 well but 1,5,and 6 had large comb with red. No single comb pullet will show red until point of lay. Any bird with red, typically accompanies a larger comb, this young is a cockerel. Pullets wont start to show red until 18 to 24 weeks of age.

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