Marans/Ameraucana + something else? Roo/Hen?


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Alright, so when I bought this "pullet" chick I was excited because it hatched from a Marans egg.. They didn't know who the father was because they hatched eggs shortly after getting the hen from another person... We know it has some ameraucana/easter egger in it because of the beard.. I'm wondering about the legs.. I've never seen an EE or ameraucana with yellow legs..

Also, I'm thinking it's a rooster?


Here it is with some Marans:
Someone gave me a rooster with BRIGHT schoolbus yellow legs once. I gave him back, LOL. Your rooster looks like he could make some pretty nice olive egger/easter egger chicks with those marans hens, if you are allowed to keep a rooster.
Having muffs & beard does not mean it is an EE. There are many breeds that have the muffs & beards. Having yellow legs does not rule it out from being an EE--EEs have NO standard--they can be anything. Somewhere in their background was a chicken that had the gene for a blue eggshell--and that is all that they have in common.

The cockerel in question has a very brahma-like look to it--except for the lack of feathers on its legs. I am going to hazard a guess that the father was a brahma crossed with a non-featherlegged bird--possibly EE, so that the chances of this bird having feathered legs is significantly lowered, with only a quarter of his ancestry carrying a ptilopody gene (Pti-1B).
I would say it is an EE x Maran. Yellow legs can happen in EEs. I am leaning toward roo, how old is the chick?
Well, I don't really know the exact age. I got him 6 weeks ago and this is what he looked like then..

Comparing with my 3 week old chicks, I think he would have been at least 5-6 weeks old...

I'm guessing he's around 3 months old.

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