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Apr 20, 2015
I have both blue and black marans. My roo is black copper. Question what would I need to make either splash or Wheaton marans? I read somewhere the blues will continue to produce blues but I am new to this breed of bird


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May 19, 2009
You can make Splash by breeding Black and Blue together. Not Black Copper and Blue Copper. Just plain Black Marans and plain Blue Marans. Wheat is another color entirely. The breed has been diligently working to get the Wheaten out of the Black Copper strains as it corrupts the proper color of Copper in the Black Coppers. To get Wheat you need to buy Wheaten. Even if your Black Copper is corrupted by the Wheaten coloring and should happen to throw a Wheaten when bred to another Black Copper, the color will probably not be correct because it will probably carry other color factors from the Black Copper. Wheaten corrupted Black Coppers have no commercial value. Find a quality Wheaten breeder and get pure Wheatens for your flock. Then don't mix them with any other color if you want them to have commercial value.

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