Mareks? 4 week old chick, running in circles, collapses...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Bocktobery 10, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I need help! A while ago I posted about a chick I had that got attacked by another hen (or at least I assume so since it was not moving and in the nest box with another hen. I did not see the attack happen. I just assumed that was what occurred.) She seemed to perk up after two days of being semi-lethargic. Lately, I've noticed she is not growing. She is still small and does not really keep up as well as the other chicks, although she is still perky enough to run around with them. Today, I witnessed for the first time this chick suddenly peeping loudly and scurrying in a circle, banging into anything that came within that circumference. She did this three times in a row then collapsed. I picked her up, held her for a while. After breathing heavily for a bit she then seemed to perk up and was fine. I have noticed her walking on her haunches too. She doesn't seem to eat very much either but she will put her nose down to eat. Its like she mock eats. I have looked into her eyes before and thought they were kind of odd, but I chalked this up to her being a breed I am not familiar with.

    Now, I'm new to chickens. This was my first hatch here at my coop. I did not get them vaccinated. I did not know anything about Mareks. I read that it is so common and very deadly. I am more worried right now about the other two chicks I have (also the same age) and also my flock of 7 hens. I want to keep them safe.. if that is even possible now... IF it really is Mareks. Where do you get your chick's vaccinated? Is there anything else I should get them vaccinated for? Also, do you think my 7 hens were vaccinated? I got them at a feed store and I think they got them from one of the two major chick factories that I do know have the vaccination option. I would assume that they were since I have never had any problems that seem like Mareks and I do not know why a feed store would even take the chance of not vaccinating them.

    Can anyone help me know what to do at this point? The chicks have been in contact with the other hens now. No attacks, although I did see one hen strike the head of one chick but it didn't seem hard or harsh. The peep just peeped loudly and ran to mama. Should I separate this little chick? Should I contact the breeder I got the fertilized eggs from? What do I do at this point? Are there other maladies that could be effecting the chick? Is this running in a circle bit mostly caused by Mareks?

    The chick is a 4 week old Easter Egger.

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    Sorry I have no idea, Ive been wondering the same things. Hope you get some answers because I would like to know too.
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    I'm vaccinating my chicks for Marek's just because I don't want the extra stress. It's probably the cheapest of vaccins too, so it's a bit daft not to do it.

    I saw on a hatchery program on the discovery channel (I think - it was online) where this chap vaccinated chicks before sending them out. I'm not 100% sure, but Marek's is generally done within the first 24 hours, so I'd imagine it's that.

    I'm in the UK, where it's practically impossible to get hold of any meds (try getting some antibiotics for fish!), but my vet is ordering the vaccins for me. He's been rather helpful and even advised what to vaccinate against. There are two other vaccins I'd like to do, but can't really afford right now... so I'll just cross my fingers.

    I hope you find out what your little chappy has quickly, so you can save her. I would certainly separate. Quarantining is always good, especially if she's feeling delicate, she might appreciate being pushed around by others.

    Do you have a vet you could speak to?

    [​IMG] Fingers crossed little one! I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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    I didn't find anything about running in circles when I looked up Merek's symptoms. It can cause nuro swelling which I imagine could cause some weird behavior like that tho.
    If it were me I would put my money on the fact that when she was attacked by the other hen she probably got hit in the head or something and it either threw off her equillibrium or she had brain damage perminant or just temporary from some swelling. Chicks are tough but still are babies. I wouldn't separate just yet if it was me. She already has symptoms being in with the other chicks so if it was Merak's then they probably all already have it or have at leased been exposed to it. why stress her out even more by putting her alone somewhere?

    Call the supplier/feed store you got them from. I know my local feed has 2 different places they order their chicks from and 1 vaccinates, but 1 doesn't. They should be able to tell you pretty easily if their supplier does or not. Merak's is the only vaccine I would think they would do to but not all people make sence.

    Good luck

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