Mareks Cause Bloody Stools?

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    I have a Marans that is having leg problems, she is only 5 weeks old and can barely walk because her legs dont appear to be working right, I posted on here and from what I had read it sounds like Mareks, she is only 5 weeks old, this morning I found her with her leg in front of her and she was unable to get up but with help she stood.

    I tried the Hypericum last night with no relief.

    This morning as I was trying to help her stand she pooped on my floor and it had a bunch of blood in it, well looked more like bloody tissue like a coccidia type poo. Is there any chance her problem is coccidia or is it just another sign that the Mareks has got her.

    Also, I pulled her out away from the other 5 week old chicks as soon as she started laying around and having trouble standing, what are the odds the others will have Mareks if she does?
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    She could just be sloughing intestinal lining. This happens naturally and does not affect bird health. Here's a link to the poop page in case you don't have it already:
    A note on bloody poops with cocci- there is no mistaking bloody poops when a bird has a cocci overload. The blood is dark and very obviously blood. I had birds that got cocci when they were much older than usual, but there was no mistaking that the blood was anything other than blood. Good gracious! It looked like a murder had taken place in the coop. If I hadn't realized quickly that the blood was mixed into their waste I would have been searching them for wounds.

    I hope your bird perks up soon. I have never had Marek's in my flock (knock on wood), but I am considering getting my next round of birds vaccinated against it just to be safe. I figure it is only a matter of time before it shows up.

    Good luck.

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