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    Oct 8, 2013
    My chicken has been acting weird. one day she is fine and the next she is wobbly and appears.. "drunk". This video is not mine, but it shows exactly what she does: I was trying to read up on all this stuff but symtoms are similar in a lot of the diseases. I also took pictures of her vent and skin as she has been what appears to be molting for some time, has never laid an egg yet. she is about 6 months old.
    This is her vent, I actually cleaned it up and got a rubberish white tissue out of it,like an abscess or something, it seemed to be blocking the vent a little bit. as you can see in the lower part of the vent in the picture its swollen, that is whre the while tissue resided. once i removed the tissue and cleaned the area up it appeared a little better, but red and irritated from cleaning it and removing the gross tissue.
    This is her back, some feathers are growing in but she is losing more, and her skin appears very dry and flaky. around the folicles looks like it has crusty skin buildup around them.
    This is what she looks like overall... (its hard to get a really good full body pic.. shes pretty fast lol)

    This is under her wing
    and this is her rear end (before I cleaned it, and sorry for the sideways pic)

    So if anyone knows anything that could be causing her to go through this I would really appreciate it. I have 3 other hens that are silkies and they have no issues at all.(knock on wood). This hen "Bella" is eating and drinking. she is pretty skinny, i think, But she does eat. Tomorrow I am planning on picking up the FeatherFixer feed to se if that helps any... I haven't seen any mites or lice on her, or eggs or anything, so I have no idea whats going on with her.
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